Kill your pride: A homily for the 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time (B)

Todascreen-shot-2012-10-04-at-1125382.pngy in our readings, there is a lot of fighting going on.  In the Gospel, we hear about how the disciples were fighting about who was the greatest among them.  In the second reading, James is writing to his community and he notes the same thing — a lot of fighting is happening — and he muses, “Where does all this war come from anyways?”  He says a lot, but starts out with what summarizes all of it: “selfish ambition….”  And finally, even in our first reading, we see a group of people intent on “tearing down” another group of people….why? Because they are making them look bad by their virtuous lives.

All this strife, all this disagreement, all this discord.  And all of it comes from pride!

The thing that makes us argue, and fight, and wind up in tantrums….it’s pride!

The thing that leads people to get in a huff and make bad decisions….it’s pride!

We want things this or that way, things don’t go our way — and of course we know what’s best — so we get cranky and unhappy and pick a fight …. or walk away


We need to do a few different things today…….

  1. We need to acknowledge that we all have this pride. I’m included!
  2. Ask God to get rid of it, to help us grow in humility.
  3. Lastly, we need to be servants….Jesus sits the proud disciples down in our Gospel today and says, ““If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.”
    2. a servant doesn’t push his own way. He serves. And not to be noticed, appreciated, etc….sometimes people are happy to serve only on their own conditions, and then the moment something happens the don’t like, they announce: “I’m not doing this stuff anymore”
    3. A servant realizes there is something bigger than me and my own thoughts and feelings, there is something larger here that I’m serving….especially the faith community

Servants.  The more we serve, the more our pride goes away!

Let’s pray God for humble, servant hearts!