Daily homily thoughts, 10/1

Today we celebrate St Therese of Liseaux.  She became a nun at age 15.  First she wanted to be like St Teresa of Avila and have all the mysitcal visions and locutions. Then she wanted to be a missionary, but her poor health (among other things) prevented that.  She wondered why she wasn’t “good enough.”  Then it dawned on her: the most important thing a human being can ever do is love.  Love is the great commandment Jesus gave.  Love is the pinnacle of the Christian life–not visions, not locutions, not going to the other side of the earth.  Those things aren’t bad, but Therese came to realize that the most important thing we can ever do, she could do, every day, even in little ways.  She said, “I prefer my monotonous life of little sufferings to all spiritual ecstasies.” That is her “little way.”