The inner snooze button: A homily for the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (B)

hand-hitting-snooze-button-GettyToday’s readings remind us that there will be an end time. A lot of people spend a lot of time thinking about these type of things–the end times.  In the Monday morning Bible study I lead every week, we’ve been focusing on the Book of Revelation and the “end times.”  We’ve dealt with topics like the rapture, the second coming, the final judgment, the tribulation, etc.  If you want to know more about all that come to the bible study.

Now while we Catholics wisely don’t get obsessed with that type of stuff as some do, we of course agree that there will certainly a time when history as we know it will end.  The world will end one day….and we hear this theme in our readings today. We also recognize as Catholics that each of us will face the end of our time on earth, and that this should, in many ways, concern us more than the end of the world.

Our readings suggest a sense of urgency in this. “But of that day or hour, no one knows….” There is a sense in which we better get our act together.  And now.

Many of us have good intentions about this. The Holy Spirit enters in, and we have an idea.  But then we hit the snooze button.

We all have an inner snooze button

  • “I should really get more involved in this ministry…..maybe tomorrow”
  • “I should really go to confession……later”
  • “I will be a good CAtholic…when I’m older.”
  • “I should volunteer more at church….but not now.”
  • “I should get married by the Church…..once things settle down.”
  • “I should do a holy hour in church….but I have the kids, God forbid I bring them in front of Jesus.”
  • “I should donate a bit more….but once I’m more secure.”
  • “I will sing in the choir again, once there is a director I like.”

God gives us so many dreams, so many ideas, so many things to do……..but we hit the snooze button.

Jesus help us.