Daily homily thoughts, 11/22

Some thoughts about Thanksgiving –

  • Gratitude is a virtue, not just an action.  Like all virtues, it must be part of our character, part of who we are. “A good Jew thanks God 1000 times a day, says the old phrase.” Same for us Christians.
  • The word “thanks” in English is a little clunkly. But in Spanish it’s gracias, which is a lot like the word gracia which means grace.  In French, it’s merci, which sounds a lot like mercy.  Other languages hit the nail on the head better with this word. In a sense, every time we say “thanks” we are naming a grace, naming a mercy. They are everywere.
  • Dinner with Churchill – a beautiful book about how Churchill used meals as his secret weapon to win over enemies, to forge agreements, to learn and share visions. There is something unifying, sacred about a shared meal…it accomplishes something