Daily homily thoughts, 12/4

The first candle on the Advent wreath is the Prophecy Candle.  Our Gospel today tells us of the expectation folks had for Jesus — the prophets, and how they LONGED so much for the Messiah. They longed for Jesus, who was yet to come….they longed to see what we see, but did not see it; to hear what we hear, but did not hear it.  WE HAVE THIS!  The sacraments continue the incarnation. We have Jesus, what the prophets longed for.  But do we have that same longing for the Jesus we can access, as the prophets had for the Jesus they couldn’t?  We’ve get excited about so many things. I’ve been so excited and waiting and waiting and waiting for the new candle stands, for the houses next door to come down, for the new hymnals, all this stuff…..so excited. I’ve been longing for all this.  But then I checked myself: do I have that same desire, expectation, longing for the Lord?!  We must!