Daily homily thoughts, 2/11

Today we remember the days of creation. I teach this to kids with hand motions:

  1. Day 1 – one finger up on right hand (God made the day) and then one finger up on other hand (God made the night)
  2. Day 2 – Scissors …. God split the waters (making the sky, between heaven and earth)
  3. Day 3 – Three fingers parallel with ground: God made the dry land…..then three fingers up–and plants
  4. Day 4 – Stars Sun And Moon … four fingers up and count those four words
  5. Day 5 – Make a fish with two hands, and then a bird……fish and birds
  6. Day 6 – Five creepy crawlers and animals walkign on your arm, and then one finger up: and man
  7. Day 7 – rest