St. Joseph and Lent: A homily for the 8th Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)

On Ash Wed, we will hear the same Gospel we hear every Ash Wed. Jesus talks about three things — Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving.  We should do eat least one thing in each of these categories. For that reason I have given you a Lenten Resolution card….fill it out and sign it and DO IT!

I was thinking, as we enter this Month of March which is dedicated to our patron St Joseph, what Joseph would have written on his card. Because he offers us such a ncie example. It’s worth reflecting on his example as we get ready for Lent.


  • In the whole of the Bible, Joseph never says a word. A man of silence
  • Joseph is PRESENT to Jesus — he received Jesus, always invited Jesus into his home
  • Joseph ADORES Jesus — he and Bl. Mother were the first to do a holy hour, as they looked upon their beautiful baby boy


  • We always talk about giving up stuff for Lent….and we SHOULD and MUST!
  • Joseph gave up his whole life!  HE was a young man, a late teen maybe — he had his whole future ahead of him!  He gives up his future hopes and dreams for the sake of JEsus….and he got SO MUCH MORE back…..that is how our “givings up” should go….we may give up stuff that’s hard, but we get way more back
  • Joseph was a simple man, a man of humble means


  • Joseph is the all-provident saint…..IT AD JOSEPH….Go To Joseph
  • That phrase comes from the original Joseph in Genesis, who had been placed in charge of all the food in the midst of the family…..whenever the people needed food, they went to Joseph
  • We look at that original Joseph and remember that it’s all the more true with the new Joseph
  • Joseph provided everything for Jesus and Mary….a strong and humble man….he built their house, put food on their plates, etc
  • We’re meant to be providers also…..not just money, but time and talnet and too

Let’s look to Joseph and invoke his intercession, praying for a good Lent