Daily homily thoughts, 4/1

When we go to Jesus, he gives us life. Remember the prodigal son from yesterday; when he comes to his father, he rejoices and twice notes that his son was dead but has come to life again. Our first reading is Isaiah foreshadowing that glorious day when the Lord will come and bring life to the people. When we go to heaven, we pray one day, we will have eternal life. When we go to Jesus, we receive life! Hopefully we feel that strongly in the sacraments. Now the gospel today tells how the royal official brings his son to Jesus — THROUGH PRAYER — and his son receives life, even though his son is not physically right there in front of the Lord. When we pray for folks, we lift them up to the life-giver, Jesus, and just as Jesus gives life to the royal official’s son by means of his father’s prayer, so it is with us. So let us pray!