Overcome by love: A homily for the Fourth Sunday of Easter (C)

You ever laugh so hard you can’t stop? It’s like you’re overcome by laughter, helpless against it – you just have to do it until it’s all out, and then usually there’s some more.  Kids do this well  – and it’s therapeutic for all of us

A goal fo the Christian life is to be overtaken by love, overcome by our love for the Lord

The early church – goodness! We hear about some of their happenings in our first reading. Those guys were everywhere! Lystra to Iconium to Antioch, then Pisidia and Pamphylia, Perga and down to Attalia. They were all over the place

In our first reading we hear baout how they even went to the gentile regions — and in some places it didn’t go so well, so they shook off the dirt and kept on going

What possessed them to do this??????  Love for the Lord Jesus!  They were helpless against this love, so overcome were they

St Damien’s feast was the other day, on FRiday. He went to the leper island of Hawaii long before Hawaii was a US state. He went there to serve the lepers, knowing he’d contract it and die from it. What made him do that?  Love

Mothers – today’s mother’s day – they know about this love.  A mother has an enormous love for her chlidren, and she’ll do anything for them – overcome by love

Adolescent kids – heck, even adults-  are often overcome by love for this or that person

Folks – we are to overcome by a love even stronger than all those loves….a love for the Lord

And THAT love, like what the early church had, what the saints had – that will make us to do amazing, crazy, awesome thigna!