Daily homily thoughts, 6/5

A beautiful reflection from Fr. Michael Rossman, SJ:

We typically like what’s comfortable,
but our deeper desire is for something meaningful.

If I invite you to my home,
I could heat up something from the freezer.
But I would want to do more than that:
Preparing a meal is a way of showing that we care.

We may like what’s easy,  but we experience deeper satisfaction
from the things that require sacrifice.

It’s comfortable to consume an article or video that others have created;
it’s harder, but more meaningful, to create content for others to enjoy.

It’s easy to criticize leaders in politics or the Church.
It’s more difficult, but more meaningful, to step forward and make a contribution.

Giving of ourselves can be uncomfortable, but at the end of the day, we will rest more comfortable knowing that we chose what’s meaningful over what’s easy