The principle of detachment: A homily for the 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)

Today Jesus warns us again against greed, one of the deadly/capital sins…..he warns us against attachment ot the things of this world

So does first reading: vanity of vanities, all is vaniy

So does second reading:  look at the things above, not those of this earth

Monks used to keep skull in front of them at their meals, a reminder that one day they will die and go to the next life, that what’s of this earth isn’t as big as what’s next

Jesus:  Don’t be too attached to the stuff of this life, no Uhaul to heaven

This is the principle of DETACHMENT….being DETACHED from any place, thing, or even person on thsi earth…..that we might be ATTACHED to Jesus

s the bible teaches, if we have everything on this earth, even faith to mov mountain, but we don’t have love….we got nohting……but the corrolary is, if we have love we have everything

Jesus is saying in our Gospel: We must be rich in what matters to God

and that is love

Doesn’t matter what letters are after your name, how many likes on intagram or facebook, your IQ, your degrees, your money…..what matters, what counts is love

We can all love

And only that lasts…that’s being rich in what matters to God