Sign #2 You’re Dealing with a Narcissist

Stretching the Truth

HA Murray discovered long ago there are two important parts of a narcissist’s personality:

  1. A narcissist is self-absorbed, he wants to be seen and noticed, he craves attention, follows the spotlight, even exploits others to get these things …. much like the Rich Man in this Sunday’s Gospel who is so wrapped up in himself, he doesn’t even notice the poor man outside his door….or, if he does, he is so consumed with himself that he ignores the other.  A narcissist doesn’t care about the “greater good”; he cares about his own good.

  2. A narcissist is also incredibly sensitive and anxious.  They can’t stand criticism, it makes them feel worthless and small.

Narcissism comes from this combo of SELF-ABSORBTION and ANXIETY.  This is why they lie and stretch the truth; they exaggerate their accomplishments and importance, minimize their failures…..they avoid criticism at all costs…they’re scared of losing their power or reputation…they’re worried about feeling inferior….so they LIE LIE LIE….they tell you whatever you want to hear, like an unscrupulous care salesman…you never know if you can believe what they’re saying.

From this beautiful YouTube video