Where there is great love, sacrifice is easy: A homily for the 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)

What a week of saints and martyrs!

Tuesday of last week was St Teresa of Avila’s feast day….she said, where there is love, there is sacrifice….and where there is great love, sacrifice is easy


Look at our martyrs last week….St Callistus, St Ignatius, St Luke, St John de Brefeuf and his companions….all in one week!  They paid the ultimate price for the Lord…what have we done recently??

Where there is GREAT love, sacrifice is easy…  When we REALLY love Jesus, it is easy….

  • for us to go to MAss on Sundays
  • for a father to work hard to     
  • provide for his family 
  • for a mother to spend herself tirelessly taking care of her kids, day in and day out 
  • for us to give our 10% tithe 
  • for a parishioner to take a holy hour in the chapel 
  • for young folks to help move chairs for Oktoberfest  
  • for youth to sign up for NCYC 
  • for people of all ages to attend bible study and/or book study and/or retreats  
  • for folks to help out at Masses as ushers, EMHCs, lectors, servers, sacristans, musicians, etc. 
  • for a spouse to say “I’m sorry” 
  • for us to make a monthly confession 
  • for parents to make sure their children are  catechized in the faith the best way 
  • for folks to pray the rosary 
  • for someone to say YES to become a priest or  religious if God is calling them 
  • for a man to go to his martyrdom for Jesus’ sake 
  • for us to serve the poor

    Where there’s great love, all the above is easy-peazy, at least it’s easy to DECIDE to do it.  But where love is lacking, any of it seems like a horrible imposition.