Every soul counts: A homily for the 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)

Two points – Every soul matters SO MUCH to God….and every soul had better matter SO MUCH to us also

Every soul counts SO MUCH to God

  • David, Zacchaeus, grain of sand – God cares about everyone
  • “Lover of souls”
  • Pope Benedict 16: Each of us is loved, called, necessary
  • National vocations week
  • Baby baptism, 4 burials, women’s retreat, confession, anointing….EUCHARIST FEEDS SOUL!
  • Dia de Los Muertos….our connection with the souls of the faithful
  • It’s all about Souls!

Every soul better matter SO MUCH to us

  • black/white, rich/poor, saint/sinner, woman/man, etc etc etc
  • No matter what….every soul better matter to us…a LOT
  • How easily we forget this