Two Moments of Grace: A homily for the 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)

Just wanted to share two moments of grace that happened last week

  1. This happened int he cemetery at SV on Monday, after the 5pm Mass out there. We did the church’s blessing of the graves and we went to each grave. We finished up at Fr. Vincent Bacquelin’s grave. We all stood around it and did the prayer.  We rememebreed his story, how he died as a young man in the line of duty….thrown off a horse on a last rite call. He did a lot in his short life, died at 35. After we blessed his grave and the holy water fell upon it, I made a comment: ” I wonder if one day he will be a saint.” At that moment the bells tolled. It was crazy! It was beautiful. A reminder– that we are ONE. We are connected.  We are called to holiness.
  2. I was downtown on Friday night, parked at St. John’s (which Fr. Vincent Bacquelin had started to found when he died).  I was meeting some priest friens for dinner, and I got there early so I could go in and pray vespers. I went in and did that, and then in walks my spiritual director.  We stood there talking off to the side of church when a homeless man came up to us. He was cold, he said, and wondered if the churhc had a coat or anything he could have. Without hestitating, my spiritual director took his sweater off and gave it to the man. It was an instict for Fr. Joe. I was so moved. Folks! Charity must be an instinct for us too!!