Homework from the Kindergartners: A homily for the 3rd Sunday of Advent (A)

Homework from the Kindergartners on this Rejoice Sunday!

On Friday, we celebrated the feast day of St. Lucy. I told the kindergarten students at St. Joe School that the word Lucy means light. We talked about how we can bring light to the world as St. Lucy did. Here were their suggestions:

□ You could give someone a hug
□ Give somebody a toy
□ Share your toys
□ Say something nice to someone
□ Say a prayer for somebody
□ Give flowers to your mom
□ Ask if you can help someone
□ Be a friend to someone without a friend and then they’ll have a friend and so will you
□ Dance and run around
□ Do the dishes
□ Play with your brother or sister instead of playing video games
□ Read the Bible
□ Laugh a lot and smile a lot
□ Bring someone to Jesus
□ Help the homeless
□ Get a dog and spend time with him/her