Saying YES to God: A homily for the 4th Sunday of Advent (A)

Today’s readings remind us of the importance of saying YES to Jesus

This weekend we have the Posadas, that great tradition wherein Mary and Joseph knock on all kinds of doors and are not admitted, until finally someone lets them in

When God knocks on the doors of our hearts, what do we do?

In our second reading we hear about Paul, who said YES to his vocation of apostle….he didn’t understand it, he knew not what it meant and where that YES would take him

We hear in our Gospel about Joseph, who said YES to a plan far different from his own. “Such was his plan, when an angel came to him….”  And he says YES to this plan, a plan that was sure to complicate his life

And Blessed Mother, of course, who said YES to God’s angel…..her YES resulted in the Savior being born.  No one would have eternal life had she said NO

Folks….no matter what God asks of us, we had better say YES.

Because God has designed the plan of salvation to REQUIRE, to DEPEND UPON our YESES.

God  has designed it so that we are necessary components of the salvation plan

We surrender and say YES