The Motherhood of Mary: A homily for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Today we celebrate the morherhood of Mary.

The church goes so far as to say Mary is the mother of God.

It’s good theology of course: Jesus is God, and Mary is Jesus’ mother. Ergo, mother of God.

God got to fashion, to create his own mother

And she’s our mother too, of course, since you and I, because of our baptism, are members of Jesus, parts of his body, caught up in the divine life. Jesus is always in the arms of Mary. And we are always in Jesus….meaning we’re in her arms too. Praise God.

A consoling thought as we enter 2020:  so long as we’re in a state of grace, we’re in Mary’s arms and her mantle is wrapped around us

And Mary is the mother of all blessing, because Jesus is the ultimate blessing

We pray God’s blessing through Mary’s intercession for our new year

There’s a saying: the Salvation of the world began with a “Hail Mary.” Our salvation is also attached to this prayer. Today we dedicate our new year to Jesus through Mary.