Be a sign pointing to Jesus: A homily for the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time (A)

1. Once I went to a gas station I never go to and paid with cash, which I never do. Not sure why I went there and why I paid with cash. Went inside and the lady laughed. “I was just thinking the other day I should come back to church, and I asked for a sign. And here walks a in a priest.”  Realization: God has used me as a sign to point to him.  Friends! That’s what we must always be!  Signs pointing to Jesus.

2. When it’s time for me to move onto my next assignment, I’m sure some will say, “he’s the one who had a bus,” or “he’s the one who buried grandpa,” but my hope would be that more people could say, “he’s the one who helped us know Jesus better.”

3. SVdP …. youth group … small groups … eleements of faith … ALL OUR ACTIVITIES….. but same with our families! Everything we do…..should point to JESUS

4. John the Baptist spent his whole life pointing out the presence of Jesus. All that he did was aimed at Christ. And helping others see Christ. All of us must admit that others have pointed us to him. And yet we are also called to point to him ourselves.

5. Shine all the time, let the glory (first reading) and holiness of God (second reading) shine through you like a window, poiting righ tto chist.  Thomas Aquinas: Better to illuminate than to simply shine.  WE must illuminate the way for others to Chrsit!