The Liturgy and the Word: A homily for Word of God Sunday (A)

The Gospel Procession @ Mass – Lex orandi, Lex credendi

1. We stand – The Word of God puts us on our feet
2. Gospel procession – The Word accompanies us & guides our way
3. Candles – Thy Word is a lamp unto our feet
4. Gospel held high – We’re proud of the Word
5. Incense – Our prayers surround the Word, we reverence the Word, we love the mystery
6. We Sign Ourselves – May the Word be in my mind, on my lips, and in my heart
7. Reading – Proclaim the message, the Words of Jesus!
8. Extraordinary Form – Priest clutches the Word during the reading
9. Kiss – We love the Word – we need not understand it all, but we must love
10. Homily – Reflect on the Word & its transformative power!