The Difference Light Makes & A Reminder for Godparents: A homily for the 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time (A)

Light – God’s first invention
Let there be light – God’s first command

Light makes a huge difference.  Imagine two plants, one in the window sill and one in a dark closet – you can put the same soil in each, same seeds, water them the same….but the one in the dark won’t make it

The one in the light will flourish:  roots, fruit, strong, tall, beautiful — what a plant SHOULD be


Except this:  we have agency, we get to pick if we’ll go to the window sill or the dark closet.  We get to pick, that is, if we’d like to immerse ourselves with LIGHT (JESUS) or not

If we don’t, we won’t have roots, we won’t bear fruit, we won’t be tall and strong, we won’t be beautiful as a human should be, etc etc etc


So GO TO THE LIGHt…..GO TO JESUS…..Who shines forth in the scriptures, in our prayers, in our families, in our church, in our school, in our ADORATION CHAPEL, in the confessional, in the HOLY MASS

Go to the LIGHT

And, part 2:  Get others to hte LIGHT….ESPECIALLY our godchildren

GODPARENTS: your job is to get your godchildren to the light if they aren’t there. Especially holy Mass, but here’s some things you should do for your godchild as he/she grows up:

How To Be a Good Godparent — that is, how to help get your godchild to the window sill so that s/he will grow with roots, fruit, strong, tall, beautiful, etc….

  1. In General
    1. Be a happy, holy, practicing Catholic
    2. Especially Mass EVERY SUNDAY! YOU be there and get you GODCHILDREN there as best you can
    3. Be married in the Catholic Church, if marriage is your vocation
    4. Pray for your godchild and his/her parents EVERY SINGLE DAY. Have a photo of your godchild by your prayer space.
    5. Be active part of your godchild’s everyday life as much as possible: Prayer life, social life, academic life, etc – especially as he/she grows
  2. At the Baptism:
    1. Make sure someone is taking pictures. Give photos to the parents
    2. Offer to give a gift to the church and priest.
    3. Give a religious gift to the child that he/she will be able to keep.
  3. Annually, ask how things are going:
    1. Are three any health problems?
    2. Can you get a recent photo?
    3. Send a card on the anniversary of the baptism .. or throw a party
    4. Send a birthday card … or throw a party
  4. As the child turns about four or five years old:
    1. Ask about religious education: make sure your godchild is going to Catholic school or, if that isn’t possible, religious education programs offered by his/her parish
    2. Give the child bible/saints children’s books
    3. Give the child religious things, eg rosaries, bibles, statues, pictures,
  5. When the child is in First Grade, help him/her to look forward to
    1. First Reconciliation
    2. First Communion
  6. When the child is in Second Grade
    1. Help get him/her get ready for 1st Confession
    2. Attend the First Communion Mass
    3. Offer to help with a dinner/party
  7. When your godchild is able to serve at Mass (fourth grade or fifth grade), encourage him to do so
    1. Help your godchlid LOVE Mass
    2. Help them to consider a priestly or religious vocation
  8. When your godchild becomes a teenager,
    1. Help him/her to get ready for Confirmation
    2. Make sure he/she is going to Mass, and encourage youth group
    3. Testify during these times about God’s role in your life
    4. Take him/her to dinner from time to time
  9. When the time comes, talk to them about their vocation to marriage or religious life
    1. Help them to consider a priestly or religious vocation
    2. Make sure they know to contact the priest when they get engaged.