Be a Blessing: A homily for the 2nd Sunday of Lent (A)

Today God tells Abram:

“I will bless you… that you will be a blessing”

You will be a blessing

“All the communities of the earth shall find blessing in you.”

Folks – every day we have a choice: will we be a blessing to others, or a curse?

Not a bad idea every morning to wake up and, with our morning offering, say:  Lord, for whom shall I be a blessing today?  How can I bless others today? Show me.

Being a blessing can save a life!  I know a priest who had a teenager come up to him last week and announce her plans of suicide, no doubt which had been reached after one unkindness upon another….but that priest was kind, did all the riht things, etc….he was a blessing to that troubled teen

Friends, being a blessing might even save a life!

In bus driver school, they showed us two videos: one of a jerk of a driver who didn’t say anyhting as the kids boarded, and another who was chipper and kind…..WHAT A DIFFERENCE for those kids starting the day by someone benig a blesings to them!

We must be a blessing, in small, little ways…that add up!

The best way to be a blessing is to remember how blessed we are, what God has done for us.  In the gospel today, Peter, James and John go up a mountain and Jesus blesses them there…..then they return down and go around the world to be a blessing there, to bring the gospel, etc

Change the world by being a blessing