Miracles: A homily for the Solemnity of the Ascension (A)

To live a life of prayer and fasting is to live a life filled with miracles

The word POWER shows up a bunch today

God is always working miracles. Someone said that the Ascension is when Jesus went to work from home. HA.

But he is still working here too!

All the time

Look at the Acts of the Apostles! Look at the Gospels!  MIRACLES AFTER MIRACLES

Why should we be surprised by miracles?

Why should we think that what is the norm in the Gospel shouldn’t be the norm now

If you pray your holy hour for your family, fast for your family, serve your family, GOD WILL WORK miracles in your famiy!

the same for a priest and his parish

Miracles are not “crazy stories” – they are manifestaions of God’s power, his work – and if we truly are living in him, miracles will happen all the time