Daily homily thoughts, 10/21

Thoughts from tonight’s talk

We are all at the feet of Mary.

Walk. Believe. Trust.

Fear paralyzes and makes us immobile.

Rosary is Whip of satan, Stairwell to heaven, Anchor of faith

Every ave María is a rose.

Giving Mary a rose.

After rosary Mary brings them all to trinity and give them to god in your name and tell your nneeds

Mary takes us on path to God. She knows the way in perfectness. She will never let us be lost.

Mass is more beautiful is greater than any miracle! Than any apparition of Mary

The church is his hospital

The cure and therapy is the sacraments

Jesus is the doctor

We worry so much about our bodies we forget our souls

The one in a mortal sin has a dead soul. Only the grace of god can being life. When we leave confession we are like a newborn child.

She comes as guardian if the faith to return us to the other do god. Profound life of fasting, penance, sacraments, prayer.

Wasting our lives looking for castles of gold. Don’t waste your lives.

Bread and water!!!!!!!!   Fasting gives virtue of temperance. Orients our will to that of God.

Prayer, Eucharist, sacrifice – this is the language of Mary

Language of devil— stuff of this world.

In family we build Soxiety. If we destroy family we destroy society. Then humanity.

God places a soul at the moment of conception. Guardian angel.

The cross is the key to the doors of heaven.

We go to crucified Christ at cross, we give our pains to his wounds, and he takes them and lifts us up.