Daily homily thoughts, 11/9

Just SOME of the saints whose feast day is today (11-9)

  • St Benignus, who was converted and baptized by St Patrick, who wrote musical scores of the psalsms and became known as St Patricks psalm singer. He followed Patrick as bishop of Ireland in the 5th century
  • St. Agrippinus, a friend of St Januarius – the two of them drove out the Saracens in the 200s
  • Then there’s St. Alexander, who was a student with Origen at the famous Christian school of Alexandria in the late second century. He became bishop of Cappadocia and was imprisoned for several years (204-211). Following his release from prison, he made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and was proclaimed coadjutor bishop there in the year 212. Alexander developed a great theological library. During the persecution of Decius, he was seized and again imprisoned. After making a public confession of faith, he was condemned and thrown to the wild beasts, but they refused to attack him. Alexander was then taken to Caesarea where he died in chains in the year 251. St. Alexander, despite his great learning and important ecclesiastical positions, was known as an individual of great mildness, especially in his sermons.
  • Sts. Eustolia & Soprata, daughters of Emperor Maurice of Constantinople
  • St Pabo, early Scottish founder of a monastery on the island of Anglesey. He was originally a warrior and perhaps the son of a Scottish or Pictish chieftan who gave up his life of combat and embarked on a spiritual life.