Daily homily thoughts, 1/4

“If I had to advise parents, I should tell them to take great care about the people with whom their children associate . . . Much harm may result from bad company, and we are inclined by nature to follow what is worse than what is better.” — Elizabeth Ann Seton

“I will go peaceably and firmly to the Catholic Church: for if Faith is so important to our salvation, I will seek it where true Faith first began, seek it among those who received it from God Himself.” — Elizabeth Ann Seton

“The gate of heaven is very low; only the humble can enter it.” — Elizabeth Ann Seton

“Afflictions are the steps to heaven.” — Elizabeth Ann Seton

“Can you expect to go to heaven for nothing? Did not our Savior track the whole way to it with His tears and blood? And yet you stop at every little pain.” — Elizabeth Ann Seton

“Our Lord Himself I saw in this venerable Sacrament . . . I felt as if my chains fell, as those of St. Peter at the touch of the Divine messenger. My God, what new scenes for my soul!” — Elizabeth Ann Seton