Daily homily thoughts, 1/17

Love vs Lust
by June Hunt

Lust is temporary
Love is enduring

Lust is sudden
Love is gradual

Lust is selfish
Love is unselish

Lust is untrustworthy
Love is trustworthy

Lust is impatient – can’t wait to get
Love is patiebt – can’t wait to give

Lust is unctonrolled desire
Love is controled desire

Lust is emotioanlyl shallow
Love is emotioanlyl deep

Lust is fantasy
Love is reality

Lust is full of emotion
Love is full of devotion

Lust is driven by one’s passion
Love is driven by the will

Lust focuses on external looks
Love focuses on internal character

Lust is established on faulty reasoning
Love is established on solid reasoning

Lust is set on getting “happiness”
Love is set on giving happiness

Lust is eager to get
Love is eager to give

Lust is cheap
Love is sacramental