What will you do with Jesus this week?

37% of Mark’s Gospel is about Holy Week. We heard part of it today. Here are some quotes out of our Gospel today. Look at all the verbs that have Jesus as their direct object — all the things that were done to him.

The elders laid hands on him and arrested him

Judas handed him over

The chief priests all left him and

The disciples fell asleep before him and fled from him

Peter followed Jesus at a distance

The Sanhedrin kept trying to obtain testimony against Jesus

Many of the leaders testified falsely against Jesus

The high priest tore his garments

The bystanders condemned him, spit on him, blindfolded him, and struck him

Peter betrayed him with a kiss

The guards greeted him with blows

The scribes, elders, and chief priests held a council and bound Jesus, led him away, and handed him over

Pilate questioned him

The crowd yelled CRUCIFY HIM

The chief priests accused him

The soldiers struck his head with a reed and spit on him — they then mocked him and stripped him

They then crucified him

The passers by reviled him and shook their heads at him

The people crucified with him abused him

The women looked at him from a distance

What will you do with Jesus this week?