Daily homily thoughts, 5/31

Touch the Face of God

When I die I want to touch the face of God
I want to live my life as a precursor to see him
I need to be humble as a first step to obedience
When God winks and smiles I want to touch His face
Touch the face of God

God gave me life as a supreme gift of His love
How I live my life in service is my gift back to Him
I give myself to the service of others as He wills it
I am shaped by the knowledge of the end of my life
Touch the face of God

I want to walk the path that Jesus walked so long ago
I know that with Jesus as my guide to the holy realm
I will enter the gates and Jesus will lead me to St. Peter
I go before God and I yearn to touch His face with humility
Touch the face of God

By Thomas J. Rillo