Eyes fixed on the LORD

Today’s psalm: “Our eyes are fixed on the Lord”

YES – so must it be for us

We are healthier, happier, holier when our eyes are on the face of Christ

When I was in Guate, we went on field trip after a few eeks….there was a McDonalds there…I was so happy to find chicken nuggets! French fries!! Etc. I made a B-line for the counter….two of the sem friends, where did they go? They were on their knees by the poor man at the door. I had wallked right by the face of Christ because my eyes were on chicken nuggets.

How many of us allow our eyes to go to our phones in holy hour? I know I do. There we are with Christ, looking at his face…and then we turn to our phones.

Eyes on Christ …. not on: our thorns (St Paul second reading), our problems, how hard everything is, our mistakes, our weaknesses, our futures, our past, our worries, this or that guy or girl, more $$, chicken nuggets, our cell phones (eg, in chapel….)

No….eyes on Christ!

Henry Poole Is Here – a great movie – at one point Mr Poole says, “Do you really think that looking at the face of Christ is going to solve anyone’s problems???” The woman simply smiled, nods, …. it just might

When our eyes are on the face of Christ — which is everyhere, in everyone, in every situation etc— we live happier, holier, healthier lives….

“Our eyes are fixed on the Lord”