Daily homily thoughts, 7/18

A beautiful Spanish word….it has no great English translation.

CONVIVIR – con (with) vivir (live)

But the word doesn’t mean live with another under the same roof….it captures something much more…it means to share life with, to do life with…a divine kind of fellowship

And God issues us that invitatin today


Convivir with others in the parish
– those without church, when they get sick they get sick alone, when they have problems thay have problems alone, when they die they die lone…
– we belong to the FLOCK…we are one
– the church is a family, God’s famiy, God’s flock….and he wants that there be ONE FLOCK
– when was the last time I invited a family from the parish to dinner at my house? when was the last time I introduced myself to a new person or family here?
– when someone is missing form Mass, there should be 20 calls goin gout to that person!
– CONVIVIR….we are meant to share life with each other, and not just meaning be undert he roof of this buildin gof an hour each week
– CONIVIVR means we are meant to do life togheter as members of God’s flock….his family!

Convivir with Jesus
– God wants to share and do life with us too…ergo, the Incarnation!
– To convivir with Jesus is to have times for him alone
– Can you imagine? There are Catholics out there who have never had an intimate moment wiht JESUS!
– RETREATS!!!! So important folks….to go away with Jesus fo a while…even if one day.
– HOLY HOURS! In the chapel, wth our dear Lord
– Each day….each moment…convivir with Jesus
– Toda’ys Gospel: Jesus tells them to come away with him for a whlie and get rest

True life, true peace, true rejuvenation is IN Jesus and his flock!