Daily homily thoughts, 9/19

What do you do when you want something? Perhaps it’s a thing, or a particular resolution to some situation….
• Sometimes we scheme or “beset” others…like in the first reading Solomon.
• Sometimes we covet, or kill, fight, wage war…. like in the second reading Jms
• Sometimes we bicker…. like the people in our gospel

St. James tells us that the best thing we can do is pray. We take our requests to God. Sometimes God will grant them!

Be Simple. The first thing we have to realize is that sometimes we want too much. A kid out gardening who asks for five shovels when he only needs one. KID.

Be Sincere. The second thing we have to realize is that we have to pray with the right motives. Lottery. Gospel: I want to be your best servant…year right…really wanted to be “disciple of the month” Pray with the heart.

Be Receptive. The third thing we have to realize is that sometimes God gives but we don’t receive. Find lost keys but still look for them. Find my path but still looking, still discerning. Find my answer but I still keep agonizing. Sometimes we have to get over ourselves on this one. CHOCOLAGE MILK.

Be Reasonable. If a 7 year old kid asks his dad for a chainsaw, his dad will say no. When we ask for something, let’s let God decide what is best for us and trust in that. He will also give it to us as he wishes to give it to us. If we pray for a new car, God may drop a car from the sky. More likely, he will work more discretely. Perhaps he will simply allow you to keep your job that you can pay for it.

Best thing: Prayer will keep you in God’s will. When you have submitted your will to God’s will, you will be happy and at peace with what he gives you, whether or not it was originally what you asked for.