Who or what governs your life: A homily for Christ the King

How AMAZING that we have a KING in JESUS CHRIST

It means we don’t have to run the universe, or even our own lives

He is in control

So long as we let him sit on the throne

So many time we have other things on the throne, things we allow to govern us–

  • FEARS and ANXITIES – even tho JC says be not afraid! But we let these things govern us
  • FEELINGS – I know people who don’t come to Mass because someone hurt their feelings. But our feelings aren’t king…JC Is
  • PLANS – I have my own plan thank you very much….sometimes we let our own plans govern us
  • SPORTS – Sorry can’t come to Mass, got basketball practice
  • PUBLIC OPNION – I’ll do what is popular, what others will applaud….
  • MONEY, SEX, DRUGS, etc….how often these things take up the throne in the bible, in history

How often we let those and other things sit on the throne….we allow them to govern us….instead of JESUS CHRIST

The thing is…JESUS is the most perfect king….his is a kingdom of peace, love, faith, joy, and all tha tis good — Do we trust him!????

He tells us in Mt 6:33: Seek first the KINGDOM of God and his righteousness and all things will be given you besides

If we seek the KING and his KINGDOM with all we got, he PROMISES to give u sall he’s got

Let him sit on the throne!!!!!