Clean house, Decorate, Celebrate – A recipe for a holy Advent

Advent is like preparing to throw a party….you CLEAN HOUSE, DECORATE, then CELEBRATE

Clean house

  • WE clean house when we have company coming…we have DIVINE COMPANY coming…JESUS!
  • Dust off old ways of being with God that gave you life that now have dust on them!
  • Declutter…turn off the news…simplifly…invite silence
  • GO TO CONFESSION! The Holy Spirit will come in and clean up your cobwebs, your mildew, dirt, etc….GO TO CONFESSION ONCE A MONTH!


  • Put up the spiritual Christmas lights of GOOD DEEDs….Christmas tree, presents, cards, acts of kindness, make cookies, etc etc etc
  • Holy DEEDs….get a holy hour, pray by your Christmas tree, read a book about Advent, etc

Celebrate – Once we clean house and decorate, we will celebrate our Blessed Lord in such a great way this Chrismtas