Daily homily thoughts, 12/26

We can learn a lot about the family by looking at the stable

It’s rather a disgusting mess — the smells, the dirt and mud, the poop, the so forth and so on — without Jesus in it. But with Jesus it’s perfect, beautiful.

Our families can sometimes be messy. But with Jesus there, they are beautiful. It’s each our jobs to put our Blessed Lord right there in the middle

The readings today tell us about the humanity of the family — infertility, barrenness, having to part with a child once and for all, losing a child, dwelling on things, being hurt by even non-sinful words another says, realizing we have to let go, understanding that sometimes things get really difficult, coming to terms with never being a biological parent, disappointments, anxieties, sorrows, tensions, and so much more … all there in our readings…all there in the stable.. — but when God is there, it’s all beautiful!