Daily homily thoughts, 1/2

On this feast of the epiphany, and as we begin this new year, it is a good idea to make some resolutions. Perhaps we might look at the three kings in the gifts they offered, and then offer a resolution or two that corresponds to each gift.

Balthazar brought the myrrh. Myrrh was used on bodies. Think bodily health. I’m drinking a gallon of water a day and doing an additional push-up each day.

Caspar brought the incense. Think worship. What might you do this year to enhance your relationship with God? Perhaps a weekly holy hour, perhaps daily Bible reading, perhaps a daily rosary. Commit to it and do it

Melchior brought the gold. Think of material things. Maybe it is time to simplify your life. Maybe it is time to give a little extra away. Maybe it is time to be a better steward of something.