DHT, 5/1

Last weekend experience – it was was as though I was being pulled upwards, yanked or jerked — there was simply an upward force….

That is what Jesus, the Risen One, does—he raises us up!!! He lifts us….take off!

He is the Risen One

  • First reading – we’ll go to jail, who cares- Jesus has raised us to a new life, never go back to what was before
  • Psalm: “You have raised my soul,” “lifed me from the grave,” etc
  • ANTIPHON #1 today’s vespers: “The Lord our God is high above the heavens; he raises up the lowly from the dust, alleluia.”

We can never take off without him…never go up without him….and “him” = Eucharist

He is always calling us HIGHER…the Eucharist is always calling us and bringing us HIGHER

Apostles in Gospel … without Jesus, NO FISH….with Jesus, TONS….so it is with us

Jesus gives us himself in the Eucharist….

Feeding on Jesus, we’ll never run out of energy, or strength, or joy, or happiness, or love…..