DHT, 5/8

1st rdg- Paul and barnabas preach in Antioch, faithful to the great commission…so must we….4th grader Gabe talked about God all day ok bus last week, Daniella Hs senior and her art collection of religious paintings at art show last week, ezapmpels for us!

2nd rdg- Jesus wipes away the tears from our eyes. When we have sorrows and difficulties, we go to Jesus, not the bottle, not the casino, not drugs, etc. God alone is able to console, comfort! We are also supposed to be instruments of healing. A good question is, do I cause tears for others or do I wipe them away? We just contribute to the healing of the word!

Gosp- Jesus is a good shepherd and he guides us to eternal life…we don’t have to figure life out ourselves, all we need do is listen to the shepherd