DHT, 7/16

The thing we’re meant to rightly understand is this: Jesus loves to come into our hearts!!!!

Two ladies in our Gopel – one is RECEPTIVE, one is too busy with her doings …. Even though they’re good doings

We can easily get caught up in what we are doing … love to talk how busy we are …

But am I serving God in it all? or my list of tasks, calendar, accomplishments??

  • Martha keeps track of her activities —look at all I’m doing
  • David forbidden from building the temple, God is upset on census—he was serving the record, not the Lord

We can think similarly:

  • I’m pretty great: prayed 3 Angelus, 2 holy hours, 5 rosaries, 2 novenas, volutnerered 3 hours
  • Did this and that and the other thing for God…wahoo

——-But Love doesn’t keep count, or even keep to a schedule

Fr. Vincent Tobin story

And it isn’t that tasks are bad, work is needed! But am I receptive to God in in?? Maybe Martha forgot about that

Cuz the thing is: Every task is given by God to draw us closer, share his joy ….

Trick is not to get lost in it all

Else it is the idolatry of self, if I am always serving the record that I am always thinking about myself and what I am doing, rather than simply being responsive to God in the present moment

Our question for the day: How much do I get caught up in what I am doing? Am I serving God or my to do list, my calendar, my record of accomplishments?

Jesus loves to come into our hearts!!!! Receive him ,… even in our many doings