DHT 9/28

“When we try to change God into something comfortable, who enables our sins, and never challenges us, we always try to change Him to less than He is. When God changes us to be more like Him, He always makes us greater than we are.” – Fr. Bill Peckman

DHT, 9/27

The kingdom of God is peace in the Holy Spirit; He will reign in you if your heart is at peace. So, be at peace, Mademoiselle, and you will honor in a sovereign way the God of peace and love.

St. Vincent de Paul

Make it a practice to judge
persons and things in the most favorable light
at all times and under all circumstances.

St. Vincent de Paul

DHT, 9/25

Who is my neighbor?

Whoever God puts in our path!

We are the rich man sometimes…we are the poor man sometimes

Thank God we are all connected. God made us a family. And he called it the Church.

We are our brother’s keeper