Daily homily thoughts, 6/18

Beautiful, these words from Matins this morning from Saint Cyprian:

Above all, he who preaches peace and unity did not want us to pray by ourselves in private or for ourselves alone. We do not say “My Father, who art in heaven,” nor “Give me this day my daily bread.” It is not for himself alone that each person asks to be forgiven, not to be led into temptation or to be delivered from evil. Rather, we pray in public as a community, and not for one individual but for all. For the people of God are all one.

Daily homily thoughts, 6/12

Sometimes we feel like we’re running out of steam, like there’s nothing more to give. Like the widow in our first reading.  Listen to God’s promise: “‘The jar of flour shall not go empty, nor the jug of oil run dry….”  She had next to nothing, and had to provide for her son.  Then Elijah comes and wants her to make a cake for him instead.  She trusts.  And the jar does not go empty.