Daily homily thoughts, 4/24

Today we have our “teaching Mass” – and what a beautiful Gospel, the Road to Emmaus. This is a snapshot of the Mass – the introductory rites, liturgy of the word, liturgy of the Eucharist, and the mission we’re sent on afterwards.  To quote Fr. Mike Schmitz, Mass is not about watching the priest pray. It’s about encountering Jesus all over the place, and offering him sacrifice

Daily homily thoughts, 4/22

David Sandy

I saw them tearing a building down
A team of men in my hometown.
With a heave and a ho and a yes yes yell,
they swung a beam and a sidewall fell.

And I said to the foreman, “Are these men skilled?”
“Like the ones you’d use if you had to build?”
And he laughed and said, “Oh no, indeed…
the most common labor is all I need…
for I can destroy in a day or two
what takes a builder ten years to do.”

So I thought to myself as I went on my way…
Which one of these roles am I willing to play?
Am I one who is tearing down as I carelessly make my way around?
Or am I one who builds with care, in order to make the world a
little better… because I was there?